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My new frames of choice: Neil Satin Gold Tiger Wood

Shop in Berlin: Ace & Tate

Sponsored by Ace & Tate

Choosing glasses is not an easy task, especially not if every frame you like might hold a price tag way over your budget and you haven’t even thought about the cost of the lenses. There’s a solution for bespectacled shoppers, who have a hard time deciding: Ace & Tate with their online shop and their flagship store in Berlin Mitte (amongst other locations such as Amsterdam and Munich) offers you all the service you could want. From eye tests in the store, home try-on kits to take all the time you need, to a service that cuts your lenses in 30mins in store!

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Cake in Berlin: Aunt Benny

Kreuzberg has a new cake mecca! Just recently, Friedrichshain’s café Aunt Benny, took over a fixed stand just next to Big Stuff Smoked BBQ, Rosa Canina ice cream and Kumpel & Keule butchers to present their heavenly cakes like little pieces of art in a glass vitrine. And you can eat them, too!

stilinberlin oliv eat-0011774

Lunch in Berlin: Oliv Eat

This new place on Potsdamer Straße is stemming from the Mitte café, which used to be one of the first beautifully styled cafés in that part of town and quickly gained popularity with the hip crowds back when it was still hard to find a hot porridge with toppings or an artisanal sandwich, which must’ve been around 2009 or 2010… Anyway, they have a new spot in an area that was surprisingly devoid of chic spots to eat and drink until a couple months ago, and they do what they do in Mitte: serve dainty lunch fare, cakes and coffee in a very good looking interior.

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Coffee in Berlin: Qua Phe

It’s getting dark really, really early, doesn’t it? It’s the same decline every year and I won’t ever get used to it. The one thing I wanna do is go to bed at 18:00, which doesn’t go very well with my schedule. Also, it’s going to get worse! The only thing that might help? A strong and delicious coffee. Let me recommend you this Vietnamese variety: ca phe is freshly brewed using a stainless steel filter and a darker roast – Qua Phe in Mitte serves a particularly delicious one that will give you some of the much needed energy to get through the many dark winter days to come.

stilinberlin tirol-2-3

Escape: Tirol

What looks like a weird photo wallpaper or maybe a bit too much photoshop is a quite accurate depiction of what hiking in Tirol looks like. For five days, I ventured into the Alps with four friends and the dog, to explore the deepest valleys, the steepest slopes, and the fluffiest Kaiserschmarrn in the most lovely Stubaital in the heart of Tirol. Read on to find many reasons why you should do the same thing…