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Jan Windszus © Berlinale 2013

Berlinale 2016: How to get tickets

The weather is behaving awfully spring-like and we’re still getting used to it being 2016, so it’s easy to forget the Berlinale is already almost upon us. Now we know that many of you are intimidated by the sheer size of the film festival, let alone how to get tickets without queuing at the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden for unendurably bright hours on end. As usual, we’re here to help, providing a quick and dirty guide to how to get Berlinale tickets.

Refugees Welcome demonstration in Hamburg, photo by Rasande Tyskar on Flickr.

FuGeeLa: Refugees in Berlin #11

Every week we hear news about the situation of refugees in Berlin. Here’s a summary of what’s been happening in the last days and how you can help. This is the English version of an article in cooperation with Mit Vergnügen, hier kannst du ihn auf Deutsch lesen.

stilinberlin burgers and hip hop big stuff smoked bbq-0303

Coming Up: Burgers & Hip Hop – The Burger Feast

It’s a new year, time for new beginnings – which doesn’t mean we’re throwing out old loves, just giving them some fresh blood. Burgers & Hip Hop is back for the new year with a very fresh line up of local ambassadors happening on February 6th at our beloved Prince Charles. And you’ll be delighted to hear we’re bringing back your beloved Burger Feast – the very special ticket allowing you to eat all the burgers, so read on!

Chinese food in Berlin, tianfuzius

Chinese in Berlin: Tianfuzius

Okay, I should’ve written about this place weeks, if not months ago! It’s a Chinese restaurant with a quite contemporary and chic interior, serving only (!) vegetarian dishes! And it’s made by the same folks doing one of my favourite places for Chinese food in Berlin, Tian Fu. Better late than never: here’s Tianfuzius.